Member of:

  • River Region Art Association, Gonzales, LA
  • Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA

About K. Bourgeois

I am a studio artist in Louisiana, where I can usually be found sewing large fiber art, or cutting and gluing a mixed media collage. My artistic style is abstract, and driven by design. I think you will enjoy my art.

I grew up in PA with my twin sister, three older sisters, my Mom, and my Dad. It was a very creative home, and for me it was a wonderful time! I began making things when I was very young. I was trying out paint and finger paint; sewing yarn through burlap; and I was cutting and pasting a lot! Throughout our grade school years, my sisters and I made puppets, costumes, and props; wrote little plays and puppet shows, and performed them for our friends. It is amazing what projects we dreamed up back then! My family seemed to appreciate my “art”, so I produced an endless supply of 2-D and 3-D “objets d’art”. By the time I was in high school, I had begun creating my art from fabric - fiber art! Soon, with this new love, I was off to college … to study art.

I earned a BFA in Art from New Mexico State University and an MS from Lamar, in Texas. Along the way, I also lived & created in Tulsa, OK; Jackson, MS; and Beaumont, TX; eventually settling in Louisiana with my husband and son. For many years I taught elementary art & music. At home, I made art, and my son made music.

Now that I am retired, I have time to focus on my artwork as I explore the following challenge; “to create, on a flat surface, a visual depth of layers for the viewer to travel, not merely a path leading the eye around the surface of the picture, but down through visual space to the depths of the abstract”. As I pursue this challenge, I develop various techniques and processes which I share in workshops. At present, I am teaching workshops in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Massachusetts.